Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Street art in beautiful Wellington
Hello all,

And now for Wellington - Breathtakingly, beautiful Wellington.

After leaving Christchurch, Lucy and I arrived in Wellington and were met at the airport by Helen Wareham, Director of Sogetsu Wellington. After dropping off our luggage at the hotel and a quick lunch together with Sandra Hurnard and Elizabeth McMillan, Helen drove us to the florist's wholesalers to select materials for the workshops.

Business out of the way, we were left to our own devices for the evening. We were put up at a lovely hotel facing the harbour and, after dinner, we decided to go exploring. It happened that we were there during the Lux Light Festival. What luck!

Quote from their website:

"LUX Light Festival is a free public light festival that turns Wellington into a captivating celebration of light, art, technology and design. The largest light festival in New Zealand, LUX showcases a fantastical array of light sculptures that wind their way throughout Wellington and Frank Kitts Park."

Unfortunately, light sculptures by their nature, don't photograph well, so I included only one, above.

And, now, for the workshops.
The themes for the three workshops were selected by Sogetsu Wellington, all of them from Book 5. The workshops were held at Lyon Room Home of Compassion, a spacious and bright venue with well kept gardens all around. They also provided a delicous catered lunch.

The Saturday morning theme was from Book 5, lesson 12 - 'Direct Fixing', where we make an arrangement in a nageire vase without using any mechanics other than bending and selecting branches that will balance on their own. My demonstration piece, below.

Those that finished early were asked to make a second arrangement using the same materials.

The theme for the second workshop was Book 5, lesson 20 - 'Complementing an Artwork' but had the added requirement of the artwork being black and white. In this exercise the artwork is to be incorporated into the work space.

In preparing for this workshop, I found it hard to find an artwork that was easily transportable and black and white. Eventually, I selected a washi paper scroll, which I bought in Tokyo last year but which is black and cream. Fortunately, this was an acceptable compromise for the group.

I used tortured willow to repeat the lines created by the brush strokes in the washi scroll and added calla lilies in a glass vase.

Kate Graham
Maria Cullen

Elizabeth McMillan

Helen Wareham

Kathy Kerry

Kathy Kerry

Adriana Nickless
Erris Thomson

Sandi Hurnard

Ronnie Creighton

Hesley Henderson
Julie Middleton
That evening we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at the lovely home of Helen Wareham. The meal was prepared by her son Joe and, for serving, was assisted by her granddaughter.

I can't end this post without mentioning New Zealand's natural beauty. I'm afraid I don't have the words to do justice to it but I will say to those that have not visited, to do themselves a favour and go visit New Zealand. It is quite extraordinary. I would, however, recommend the warmer weather.

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