Saturday, 9 June 2018

Lucy being cute!

Hello all,
Continuing with the New Zealand theme, above are three of the many, impressive murals that adorn the walls of buildings in Christchurch.

We had two days of workshops in Christchurch. In my last post I wrote about the first day, during which we did two workshops. On the second day we had an all-day workshop, where each participant was given a small bunch of materials, that did not, necessarily, 'go well together' and were required to make an arrangement, then photograph it and use the same materials to make another. There was a table full of containers from which they could choose each time they started a new arrangement. They were to continue this way until the end of the session. I only demonstrated two arrangements, as it would have taken too much time to do more.

Like the participants, I confined myself to the same type of limited materials, as per the photographs, below. I used Siberian dogwood, chrysanthemus and two green leaves.

As You can imagine, a great number of arrangements were done, so it was too difficult to keep track of who did what and they were too many to include all of them here. So, I'm picking just a few that photographed well. I apologize for not including names.

I leave you with this arrangement  made by Lucy, who couldn't resist getting her hands onto this left over material.

Bye for now,

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