Thursday, 1 September 2016

We'd love to see as many of you as possible at the exhibition.

Hello all,

In the wall arrangement, above, I used a branch of my Prunus Elvins, which is ready to burst into flower. The mauve tulips were given to me by my friend Connie and, I think, they complement the branch very well. And below is the same arrangement once the tulips died and were replaced with cymbidium orchids, which, I'm proud to say, I grew myself.

 For this week's class, one of my students requested we make an arrangement using spring branches and another 'To be viewed from all angles'. So we combined the two and below is my example, photographed from three sides. I used white and red Japanese flowering apricot, camellias, calla lilies and diosma.

 The stunning orchid in the arrangement, below, came from my Auntie Elizabeth's rather large collection. I had some difficulty arranging it because its natural curve, when the stem is placed in water, makes it turn away from the container. I had to cut the curved stem quite short to achieve the end result.

Arrangement "Repeating similar forms or shapes'. I used cymbidium orchids, weeping
willow and alstroemeria leaves

'With Flowers only'. Calla lilies, clivia and helleborus.

'With leaves only'. One Monstera deliciosa, one strelitzia nicolai
and several calla lily leaves which I folded into this tulip shape. 
Bye for now,

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