Friday, 19 August 2016

The weeping willow in our front garden with new leaves. This is my favourite time of
year as it looks as though it's wearing a green veil
Hello all,

I'm sorry it's taken so long between posts but I've had an injury, for which I needed surgery and have not been able to keep up with all of my responsibilities. I'm very grateful for my family, in particular Lucy and Sam, for taking very good care of me. Lucy even took my class last week whilst I was in hospital.

About a month ago I dug up from a construction site some bulbous plants, that, I thought, were jonquils. I planted them in my garden and was delighted to see they turned out to be Summer Snowflakes.

The arrangement below is for the theme 'Composition of Surfaces made by the massing of lines". I used fine dried bamboo to create two surfaces, one curved and one straight and added the curved calla lilies between them. I have included a photo of the side view that shows the space between the two surfaces.

At Lucy's suggestion, we recently had an interesting workshop, where each student arrived with materials and container to make a freestyle arrangement of their choice. I then supplied each of them a piece of material they had not seen before but they were required to include in their arrangement, thus increasing the degree of difficulty.

Lucy Papas used Strelitzia nicolai leaf and oranges. The surprise
material here is the dried root.

Robyn Unglik. The surprise material was a stem of mahonia.
Robyn used a small part of it with celocias and wisteria vine in
yet another container made by her clever husband.

Vicky Kalokathis used Siberian dogwood and green goddess
lilies. The surprise material was a large fern frond, from which
Vicky used a small piece
Bredenia Raquel used dried branches with russet coloured red
hot pokers. The surprise material was a white, knitted fabric in the
shape of a stocking

This was my piece, using garrya eliptica and cymbidium orchids. The surprise material,
supplied by Lucy, was the thick, orange rope.
Bye for now,

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