Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Kosa San with Sam and Me

Kosa Nishiyama is a master instructor at the Sogetsu school and a very gracious and elegant lady, one I'm very proud to call my friend. We first met at a Teachers' Workshop 2 years ago, where Kosa San showed me friendship and kindness and we have been communicating ever since.

Last Wednesday we met at the exhibition at Meguro Gajoen, where Kosa San had three exhibits. This is an extraordinarily beautiful old building, around which the modern hotel has been built. I was taken to an exhibition there in 2014 by my friend, Emiko Chishima and, apart from enjoying the exhibition, I particularly loved the old decorations on the walls and ceilings of the various rooms.

Unfortunately, photography is not permitted inside the rooms. In my previous post, I included a photograph of Iemoto's installation at the entrance, the only one we were allowed to photograph. But I was lucky, because Kosa San had photographs of her work and she, very kindly, sent them to me to include in this post.

After walking up the 100 steps into the various rooms to see all the exhibits, Kosa San treated us to a sumptuous lunch at one of the Japanese style rooms at the hotel. All in all, an unforgettable afternoon.

The following day we met up with my friend Renate Willenborg, from Germany, and went to the Issey Miyake Exhibition at the National Art Centre, Tokyo. I confess I knew very little about this artist and his work, but his exhibition and his genius 'blew my mind'. Again, photography was not permitted but I downloaded this photo from their website. 

Then, on Friday the 25th March was Flower Thanks Day and the main reason for my visit to Tokyo. It is a ceremony during which awards and degrees are presented by Iemoto followed by demonstrations by 12 students who have been attending 'demonstration classes'.

The ceremony began by Iemoto placing flowers into containers across several tables. Then followed by teachers in order of seniority, then holders of Riji and, lastly Komon.

Iemoto on the stage which was decorated with split bamboo

After placing my flowers, I'm leaving the stage
At the Tea Party after the ceremony, many people wanted to take a photograph with Iemoto and she, very graciously, obliged. To my left is my friend, Jacquelline from Switzerland
Here I am with Miss Takahira and Jacqueline below the stone garden at headquarters
and above us is a spring installation of bamboo and cherry blossoms.

Front View of decorated stone with Sogetsu emblem at entrance
of Headquarters

Side view of same stone
Sayonara for now,

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