Sunday, 19 August 2018

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The photographs, above, are an example of 're-using the material'. In the first I used spear grass whilst fresh and green. I used soft green wire in a loose weaving method to create the shape. I placed it in front of a glass container and used the nerines to complete this light arrangement.

When the spear grass dried and became quite dull in colour, I sprayed it black and used it in the wall arrangement with the 'Altissimo' rose.

I posted the photograph, above, in my previous blog, as one of my demonstration pieces for the Box Hill Floral Art group. I'm using it again here because I want to show you the different stages of the 'swan plant' (Gomphocarpus physocarpus) that is in the arrangement.

Initially it's like a little inflatable balloon
As it starts to open to release the seeds

The seeds are almost free

This is when it gets messy with the silky hairs on
each seed which aid in dispersal by wind.

In our last class the theme was 'Composition Expressing a Movement'. We really enjoy this exercise.

Aurelia Dong - 'Talking'

Brdenia Raquel - 'Greeting'
Monstera Deliciosa leaves and jonquils

Lucy Papas - 'Attacking'
Siberian dogwood stems and banksia bud

Vicky Kalokathis - 'Tickling'
Alstroemeria psittacina leaves and dried Japanese anemone stalks

This is mine and it represents 'pouring'. I did post this in the last blog, also, but I was
extremely time poor this past week and my students had not seen it, so I felt I could
be forgiven for using it.

The 'container' for the arrangement, below, is a towel rail that was brought to our house by my son, to be picked up by my son-in-law to use in his home. However, the 'bits' needed to attach it to the wall were lost, so the item was abandoned on the floor inside our front door. So, I found a use for it. I siliconed the inside to make it water tight and created this table arrangement with Acacia aphylla and strelitzia.

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