Thursday, 12 April 2018

Hello all,
My arrangement, above, addresses the theme in Book 4 -'Specific Scenes, Occasions or Spaces. In my case, my arrangement was to celebrate Easter. I found this container with holes all around it at an opp shop and instantly thought of filling the holes with Easter eggs. I also used taro leaves and squiggly grass.

Aurelia's arrangement, above, was to celebrate her brother's birthday. She used a prostrate banksia and Asiatic lilies. Unfortunately, the photograph doesn't show the beautiful curves of the banksia stems, sweeping from the back to the front.

'Green Plant Materials' is the theme for the two arrangements, below.

I used agapanthus and New Zealand flax. 
Nicole also used agapanthus as well as Setaria Palmifolia and
Green berries, with which I am unfamiliar 

The two arrangements, below, fit the theme in Book 4- 'Vegetables and/or Fruit in an Arrangement'

Judith used a pomegranate, pear, quince and a tulip in this
unusual platter with holes in it.

I used bananas, a plum, a cherry tomato and a button

'Seasonal Materials' - Autumn

I used my much prized Haemanthus lilies,nandina domestica
nana, hawthorn berries,amaranthus and a piece of driftwood
that was given to me by my young friend Rita

Nicole used oak branches and nerines ina ceramic vase
I leave you with this arrangement, which I made with the stems of summer flowering calla lilies. I was removing the seed heads before they fell to the ground and self seeded, when I noticed the suppleness of the stems. I took off the gardening gloves and went into my ikebana room to arrange them. The haemanthus lily completed the work.

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  1. I love that arrangement with the bananas, so playful.