Wednesday, 14 February 2018

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I found the seed pods in the above wall arrangement on a small tree growing by the side of the road. I'm surprised I never noticed it before, as I drive past it several times a week. I would love to hear from anyone, who might know what it is.

Last Wednesday was the first of our classes for the year and, even though we were a little rusty after the break, some good ikebana was produced.

My frilly fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia) has taken over the garden bed, in which I planted it three years ago and, now, needs to be thinned out. So, the theme for class for the senior students was to workshop this fern, which I was able to provide.

I stripped the fern stems half way and massed them in this
basket and added the garlic flower.
Lucy, also, stripped the ferns in this vertical
arrangement and placed a small iris just
peeking above the vase

Vicky used a curved agapanthus stem with the fern fronds

Nicole used wild Queen Anne lace and sedum with the ferns

Here I wanted to feature the lacey look of the fern, so
I stripped the top half, letting the bottom half drape down.
The apricot rose is called 'Lolita' and I've had it for 25 years

The two arrangements, below address the theme 'Paying attention to the Container and the Place Where the arrangement will be put'.

Aurelia's used curved agapanthus stems, which extend beyond
the vase to encompass the space in front.

I used a Viburnum Tomentosum stem to extend over the dining table horizontally and
hydrangea flowers and leaves. If you look closely, you'll see that the viburnum is
flowering, completely out of season.

I was very pleased to have Judith Cougle return to class after a lengthy absence and just as pleased with her 'Simplified Arrangement', below.

Judith used a calla lily, which turned green as it aged
and a leaf from the same plant, which has mutated.

On Tuesday, we had our first Ikebana International meeting for the year. Christopher James was our speaker and demonstrator. He did a very informative presentation on maintenance tips and preservation of materials in ikebana arrangements. He also demonstrated with materials that he had previously treated to last. Please go to II Melbourne for more.

'Memories of Summer Holidays' was the theme for the members' arrangements. Below is mine. I did not go away this summer, but chose to stay home with hubbie and 'rest' without doing chores around the house. Ha! However, the vegetable patch, which is no longer being used because of aggressive root competition from the elm trees, was so overgrown with weeds, that I couldn't stand to look at it. So I snuck out one morning to make  a start and, after removing a section of weeds, I was rewarded by rediscovering some dried branches I had put there year ago. I used the very first of my Belladonna lilies with it in this container I bought from headquarters last year.

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