Friday, 19 January 2018

I call this arrangement 'Fun with Garlic'
Hello all,

In my efforts to improve my photography I purchased, some years ago, a cream coloured roller blind, which I had installed on the wall of my ikebana room. I roll it down and place my arrangements on it so that there is a smooth background when I photograph. This works well most of the time but not when I have white containers or pale materials, as they seem to disappear into the background. To address this, I recently bought another roller blind in a dark charcoal colour and installed it myself (with the help of my beloved!). However, I'm not entirely happy with it because it has a shiny surface, which reflects the light, making it appear paler than it is.

I should point out that I keep my camera setting on 'Intelligent Auto' and just click. I have no knowledge of all the different features of the camera. I experimented with the two backgrounds and found something quite interesting. Below are photographs of the same arrangement taken against different backgrounds. The first is the light coloured background and the second, the dark. The colour of the backgrounds in the photos, however, is very similar, whereas the colour of the alliums is quite different. I made no changes to the lighting. Go figure!

By the way, I grew those alliums and manipulated them, hoping to make them squiggly, like the ones sold in florists in Japan. I was not as successful as I would have liked.

Similarly with the photos below. The first is the light background and the second, the dark. Notice how the colour of the materials changes. The materials I used are some sort of mutation of calla lily and wisteria.

Rita, a young friend of mine, had dropped in for a visit before Christmas and brought me, among other  things, two philodendron leaves, so I created this rather large arrangement in her honour.

Usually, when I go into my garden looking for materials, I have some idea of what I want to achieve and the sort of materials I need. However, I, particularly, enjoy going out without any preconcieved ideas and looking for inspiration from my garden. A few days ago, before the onset of this searing heat that we are enduring, I took my hasami and went into the garden. I found myself in the Monstera Deliciosa 'patch'. I call it a 'patch' because it has been allowed to grow, unchecked, and has taken over a large section of my garden. But, I digress. So, I found this delicate unfurling leaf and brought it in. I made the first arrangement, using with it crucifix orchids. This lasted for only two days before the leaf unfurled further and became floppy. Then I re-arranged it in the tall, stainless steel container using the same crucifix orchids and garlic flowers at the back.

Bull rushes from Red Hill and gymea leavves

Remember this branch? OK. You would be justified in asking 'How many arrangements can she make with the one interesting branch?' Quite a few, it seems, because here's another.

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