Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Coloured mulberry branch, strelitzia reginae and
New Zealand flax

Hello all,

You may remember the above mulberry branch from the exhibition piece I did for the Sogetsu annual exhibition in November. It was easier to create a new wall arrangement than to try and find a place to store such a large branch. So, here it is. And it has undergone a number of transformations with the replacement of flowers and leaves as they die. It is still on the wall with mauve hydrangeas for flowers.

Catching up on some of the work done in class, here are some of the arrangements with the theme - 'To be viewed from above'.

My arrangement using canna lily leaves, hiippeastrums and the stem of a palm leaf
that was lying around
Vicky used gymea leaves and roses

Aurelia used the leaves and flower from her banksia tree and hydrangeas

Bredenia used acacia aphylla, proteas and scabiosas
Lucy used large loquat leaves and green Goddess lily

And another couple of arrangements I did with materials that were lying around in my ikebana room and for which I could not be bothered finding storage.

This agave was used in a previous arrangement and had
partially dried. What was left, I could not throw away, so I created
this arrangement with ornithogalum
A showcase for my peones, which were quite prolific this year (finally!)
I, initially, was going to remove the petals that fell but I changed
my mind, as I thought they were quite charming.
Bye for now,

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