Thursday, 15 June 2017

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The above arrangement is dedicated to my uncle Nick and auntie Elizabeth, who, very kindly, sacrificed the largest of the few fruit on their pomegranate tree. The arrangement covers two themes - "Seasonal Materials' and "Fruit bearing Branches'.

Just over two weeks ago, our Sogetsu group had a workshop, which was conducted by Lee Johnstone. The arrangements were to incorporate two themes - 'To be viewed from all Angles' and 'Seasonal Materials - Atumn/Winter'

I took photographs of my arrangement from three different angles, below. As I had to leave the workshop early, I was not able to take photographs of any other arrangements. So, I recommend you go to our website - to see more.

In class a couple of lessons ago, the senior girls were given the theme 'Green Materials Only'. Below are some examples. They're quite self explanatory.





Freestyle Arrangement by Aurelia

I, normally, don't include photographs of basic arrangements but I was so pleased
by the arrangement, below, by Guy Pascoe, that I felt it deserved to be featured here.

Basic Slanting Moribana reversed
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