Thursday, 2 February 2017

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Well, classes resumed yesterday with renewed enthusiasm after the holiday break. For each of the senior students I provided one very big philodendron leaf on a long stem and asked them to make an arrangement in a container of their choice, with or without other material. Below are my three examples:

This simple looking arrangement took me over an hour to work out
mechanics that would prevent the leaf, which is separated from
the stalk, from falling backwards.

Balance was also an issue with this
heavy lleaf
I partially stripped the leaf and used crocosmia and
agapanthus though it

The two arrangements, below, are by Bredenia Raquel.

This next one is by Vicky Kalokathis.

It's hard to see against the white background but there is a large, round,
white container, around which the stripped leaf is draped
The next two are by Lucy Papas

A small part of the large leaf with Crocosmia

This large, heavy leaf is perfectly balanced in this
ceramic container. It looks to me like it's wearing
a stiletto!
Nicole MacDonald's two 'Simplified arrangements' are next. The containers were each a gift from classmates for Christmas.
Flax and green goddess lily

Stripped agapanthus and Crocosmia

This is my example of the same theme

Aurelia Dong's class theme was 'With Leaves Only' and she made the two arrangements below.

This is my example

You would be justified if this next arrangement caused  you confusion. You don't, normally, see wisteria flowering this time of year but these stems were brought to class last night by my new student, Guy Pascoe. I had to arrange them despite the fact that there is absolutely no place in the house to put another arrangement.

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