Thursday, 17 November 2016

'With Flowers only by Aurelia Dong'
A tribute to Gwen Delves.

Hello all,

Recently our friend and colleague, Gwen Delves, put up for sale many ikebana containers due to downsizing. Most of my students and I were lucky enough to buy her beautiful containers, which are also treasured keepsakes. Vicky had suggested and we all agreed to do a workshop of freestyle arrangements using only Gwen's containers. This also falls into two other categories-'Paying attention to the container' and 'The challenge of the new', a workshop I did in Tokyo, run by Iemoto, where we were required to use containers we had not used before.

Lucy Papas - Corky elm and geranium
Helen Novic - dried aspidistra and calla

Aurelia Dong- dried branch and hydrangeas

Vicky Kalokathis-Green goddess seed heads and
agapanthus leaves

Vicky, again - Umbrella grass and roses

And again - dietes leaf and roses

Robyn Unglik - dried wisteria, roses and alstroemeria leaves

Nicole McDonald - smoke bush and roses

This is mine - gymea leaf and roses.
The simplicity of this arrangement belies the difficulty involved. I had to employ
some serious mechanics to keep the heavy base of the leaf from falling.
Thank you, Gwen. We love the containers.
Bye for now,

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