Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hello All,

It is with the greatest pleasure and pride that I announce the arrival of our third grandchild, Althea Karanikolopoulos, sister to Hermione. We are all besotted with her.

Two little princesses to spoil!

It has been a whole month since my last post and I apologize for that but I've had my hands full with grandparenting duties, an exhibit to set up and take down as well as coping with an injured shoulder.

And now to ikebana. Continuing playing with my left over bamboo, I made the two spreading arrangements below.

One of my advanced students suggested we experiment with hot glue to create shapes we might use in ikebana. Below are some examples, which, unfortunately, didn't photograph well.

The glue is sprayed silver

On mother's day, last month, I was presented with this bunch of beautiful flowers by my children. I set myself the challenge to create as many arrangements as I could with them.

With the addition of persimons

For the following class for advanced students I set the theme 'Positioned  on the Floor'.

Under the staircase
Mitsumata, wire sphere and flax leaf
In the entry
Japanese iris leaves,oranges,camelias and nandina berries.

In the lounge room
Lucy's arrangement

Below are arrangements I had set up for a conference by CSSS Network of Catholic Secondary School Psychologists and Councilors.
Large installation on stage
Table arrangement

A gift offering

The theme for my last class with Elizabeth was using chrysanthemums and I was keen to use this new container I bought at an op shop.

Green, yellow and white chrysanthemums with wisteria vine

Fruit bearing branches

Two simplified arrangements

The rest of the photographs are of arrangements I did for my own pleasure and because any available material MUST be used in ikebana.

Having fun with new containers

An interestingly bent stem of nandina with these unusual double lilies
that have no stamens 

The lacy material is the root of agave that spread under its large
pot, which I sprayed black.
Pine and oranges

Asparagus fern and anthuria grown in my bathroom.

Bye for now,

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