Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hello all,
Recently I went back over my blog to refresh my memory in preparation for a talk I was to give to our group of my experiences in Tokyo.

Apart from the embarrassing typos that I discovered, I also noticed that one of the posts was not visible and it's the one about the Takashimaia exhibition. I corrected that and, if anyone has missed it and wants to go back to the archives to read it, it is the one dated 11th June 2014.

And now for the present. We often have arrangements which may have taken a lot of effort to create and we are loath to discard after part of it has died. So, we would, either replace the dead material, or rework what's left.

Below I have two such examples.

As seen in previous post

The same bulrushes and wire used with bark in nageire container
As seen in previous post

Container and persimons are the same. I used different
hydrangeas and bark

I was delighted to see one red nerine bloom in my garden. But what to do with just one flower? I have this interesting piece of glass with two little holes in it, which I placed over a plastic container with water in it.

Nerine with wisteria

Nerine with box thorn
Below are two arrangements I made in containers I found at the op shop.

This is made of wood, so I placed a small
plastic container at the bottom for water

This is made of some sort of resin and its original use was as a
 candle holder
On a recent drive through the country, I discovered a strange, small bush growing by the side of the road. It had these delightful lemon yellow coloured fruit that I have never seen before. Naturally, I had to cut some but the job was made very difficult by the thorns growing, not only all along the stems, but also on the leaves. I would like to know the name of this plant and would love to hear from any one that might be familiar with it.

In an arrangement with amaranthus and

The lethal thorns above and below the leaves

Close up of the fruit, which are about the size of large cherries

The next two arrangements are examples of the lesson in book four 'A Variety of Materials'

Seven different materials

Five different materials

Example of lesson in book four 'Using one kind of Material'
In this case I used bromeliad leaves.

                  Wall arrangement that I call
                'Fun with Flax'

Until next time,

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